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A system administrator manages configuration, upkeep and reliable operations of computer operations. Sysadmin handles servers, has to manage system performance and security without exceeding the budget to meet users need.

A system administrator only deals with terminal interface and hence it is very important to learn and become master in commands to operate from terminal.

Some important commands for system administrators

Command Function
man Display information about all commands
uptime Show how long system is running
users Show username who are currently logged in
service Call and execute script
pkill Kill a process
pmap Memory map of a process
wget Download file from network
ftp or sftp Connect remote ftp host
free Show memory status
top Display processor activity of system
last Display user’s activity in the system
ps Display about processes running on the system
Shutdown commands Shutdown and reboot system
info Display information about given command
env Display environment variable for currently logged-in user
netstat Display network status
arp Check ethernet connectivity and IP address
df Display filesystem information
du Display usage
init Allow to change server bootup
nano A command line editor
nslookup Check domain name and IP information
shred Delete a file by over writing its content
cat Display, copy or combine text files
pwd> Print path of current working directory
locate Finding files by name on system
chown Change ownership of a file
>alias To short a command
echo Display text
cmp Compare two files byte by byte
mount Mount a filesystem
ifconfig Display configuration
traceroute> Trace existing network
sudo Run a command as a root user
route List routing table for your server
ping Check connection by sending packet test packet
find Find location of files/directories
users Show current logged in user
who Same as w but doesn’t show current process
ls List all the files
tar Compress directories
grep Search for a string in a file
su Switch from one to another user
awk Search lines for a given pattern

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