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Prediction for Augsburg vs Cologne football match: - phocohanoi7 - 04-08-2023

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After 26 rounds, Cologne is ranked 13th in the standings with 28 points, while Augsburg is in 12th place with 29 points. Both Augsburg and Cologne probably understand that they are quite safe in the relegation race. In the German league, 35 points is the safe relegation mark, but this year the 16th-placed Hertha Berlin only has 22 points. Of course, both Augsburg and Cologne will not be complacent and have to play cautiously to avoid any mistakes.
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Augsburg seems to be satisfied with the current situation, so they no longer have the fighting spirit. The draw against Wolfsburg last weekend was the third consecutive game they did not win. However, in terms of win-loss record, Augsburg is quite reputable, helping fans enjoy the joy of winning the Asian handicap 3 times in the last 4 rounds. Moreover, Augsburg is even more reputable at home. In the last 5 home matches, they won 4 games and only drew against Schalke. Especially in those 5 home matches, Augsburg won the Asian handicap 4 times.
Similarly, Cologne has reasons to make people believe that the team is quite satisfied with the current position. In the last 6 matches in the German National Championship, Cologne has not won a single game. At the same time, in the sad series of 6 games, Cologne also lost its reputation with its peers when it lost 5 times on the Asian handicap. On the away field, it is even worse when Cologne lost on the Asian handicap in 3 out of the last 4 matches and only won the Asian handicap 2 times in the last 10 away matches.
Prediction: Cologne
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First half prediction for Augsburg vs Cologne:
Due to the loss of playing motivation in recent matches, both teams have played quite aggressively at the start. In the last 4 matches of Augsburg, the net has shaken 3 times in the first half. Similarly, in the last 6 matches of Cologne, there were only 2 first half draws of 0-0. Widening the view, in the last 19 away matches, there were only 5 matches without a goal in the first half. In the last 4 matches between the two teams, the net has shaken 3 times in the first 45 minutes.
Prediction: Over 1 first half goal
Total goal ratio for Augsburg vs Cologne:
There is a goal in the first half, but the total number of goals in recent matches of both teams is quite low. Specifically, in the last 6 rounds of Cologne at home, there was only 1 match with a total goal score of 3. Similarly, in 8 recent away matches of Augsburg, there were 6 matches ending with Under 2.5 goals. In 14 recent meetings between the two teams, only 5 matches recorded more than 2.5 goals.
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Prediction: Under 2.5 goals
Score prediction: Augsburg vs Cologne: 1-1