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Jonkopings Sodra IF vs Trelleborgs FF Preview - phocohanoi7 - 06-10-2023

[Image: 2949.png]
Jonkopings Sodra IF vs Trelleborgs FF Preview
Despite playing at home, Jonkopings Sodra IF is not highly regarded by experts to secure all 3 points in their match against Trelleborgs FF in the 12th round of the Swedish second division. This prediction is understandable as Jonkopings Sodra IF has been experiencing a decline in form, with only 1 draw and 1 loss in their last 2 matches.
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Furthermore, if we consider their home performances, Jonkopings Sodra IF has been even more disappointing, having lost 2 out of their last 3 matches in the Swedish second division. Based on this data, Trelleborgs FF doesn't need to fear Jonkopings Sodra IF's Stadsparksvallen stadium and can confidently expect to leave with at least 1 point.
In contrast to the home team, Trelleborgs FF enters this match in commendable form, with 4 wins and 1 draw in their last 5 matches in the second division. It's worth noting that Trelleborgs FF secured a full 3 points in their most recent away match against Jonkopings Sodra IF. If they maintain their current form, Trelleborgs FF is a worthwhile choice for bettors.
Asian Handicap Odds (0:1/4):
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Jonkopings Sodra IF has lost the handicap in their last 2 home matches. It's known that Jonkopings Sodra IF has not won the handicap in 3 out of their last 5 matches in the Swedish second division. On the other hand, Trelleborgs FF has been a strong team, winning the handicap in 5 matches and drawing once in their last 6 matches. Therefore, choosing Trelleborgs FF is advisable.
Over/Under Odds (2 3/4):
In the recent 14 encounters between Trelleborgs FF and Jonkopings Sodra IF, there have been no more than 2 goals scored per match. The last 2 matches involving Trelleborgs FF have had a total of 2 3/4 goals. Therefore, selecting Under is recommended.
Score Prediction: Jonkopings Sodra IF 1-1 Trelleborgs FF
Asian Handicap: Choose Trelleborgs FF to win the handicap
Over/Under: Choose Under.
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