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The Benefits of Back To Wall Toilets - bop14mo - 04-21-2022

The Benefits of Back To Wall Toilets
With so many styles of sanitaryware to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. On choosing your preferred style of toilet, you'll want to know if it will entail any additional work. From your single washroom at the back of a restaurant to a multi-site rollout, the devil is in the detail.
What is a back to wall toilet?
A back to wall toilet essentially means that the user's back will sit flush against the wall when seated, as opposed to a cistern. When entering the cubicle, you'll be presented with the toilet pan, but the cistern, which holds the water for flushing, will not be visible.
Why choose a back to wall toilet?
A lot of people go for this option as it can make the space inside the cubicle seem much bigger. However, sometimes it's a move to prevent tampering or accidental damage. When the cistern is exposed like on your traditional domestic toilet, users can remove or damage moving parts. Back to wall toilets can also look very slick and smart, maintaining a simple design aesthetic throughout your wash space.
Things to bear in mind
Although back to wall toilets have no cistern on show, the water for flushing them has to come from somewhere. Most often, it is hidden within a false wall known as a duct set. This conceals all the pipework and the cistern within. This creates what’s known as an integrated plumbing system (IPS). The panels, which conceal the cistern can be removed with a key or special tool, making maintenance simple, but protecting your washroom from vandalism and accidental damage.
Hidden benefits
Because back to wall toilets are partnered with an IPS system, the cubicle has reduced surface areas. This is because you essentially have four flat wall surfaces and a small protruding toilet pan. This makes the washroom easier to clean and when used across large sites like schools, museums, and universities, can bring significant value. With fewer moving parts on display, they often need less maintenance compared to close coupled toilets too.
Wall Hung WC Pans
Cleaning Accessibility
Perhaps the most obvious advantage of the wall-hung toilet pan is down to the fact it hovers several inches off the floor. This allows you to easily clean around and underneath it. Unlike with a more conventional toilet style, there are no nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to get trapped in, no sealant holding it to the floor to discolour over time, and pretty much no hard-to-reach areas.
Many wall-mounted toilets have smooth sides that are easily wiped clean, and a good quality pan such as the Britton Compact Wall Hung Toilet have a special antibacterial coating for easy cleaning.
Superior Use of Space
Wall hung toilets are a great space-saver. Without the extra bulk of a visible cistern sitting on the pan they take up much less space in the bathroom, and can be placed closer to furniture, shower enclosures, or whatever else you are planning for your bathroom.
You do of course have to account for the space needed to conceal the hidden cistern and frame, but clever planning, use of stud walls and the latest compact designs means that overall, wall-mounted toilets are an excellent option for smaller spaces.
And it's not just the physical space they save. The fact that they are not sitting on the floor creates the illusion of a more spacious bathroom, with less clutter taking up floor space.
Wow-Factor & Style
Whilst taste is very much a subjective thing, most people are at the very least intrigued if not impressed by a toilet floating off the wall. They are certainly popular, but not prevalent enough to have become the norm in modern bathrooms, so a stylish wall-mounted toilet combined with a beautiful bathroom design always impresses.
Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit
A properly installed frame and wall hung toilet combination should comfortably support 200kg (30 stone) or more. If you're of a stocky build we don't recommend that you 'drop' down on it heavily but in all our years as a bathroom retailer we have never heard of a wall-hung toilet breaking off from the wall, or pulling down the entire stud wall.
Again, it stands to reason that you be selective with your choice of bathroom installer. An experienced plumber will know exactly how to install the toilet so it safely stands the test of time.
What is a Close Coupled Toilet?
There are so many different styles of toilets these days that our customers often get a bit overwhelmed. Sure it's easy for us, because we work with these products every day and it's our job to know them inside out, but that doesn't mean you have to. That's why we've put together this helpful guide that will explain exactly what a close coupled toilet is as well as a Q & A of the style too, to help you make the right choice for you and your new bathroom. Ready? Let's go…
Why is it called a close coupled toilet?
It's called a close coupled toilet because the bowl and cistern are closely coupled together, unlike the old fashioned edition in which the cistern was suspended overhead, often a few feet from the bowl. A close coupled toilet is a modern take on the traditional form and has been adapted to look modern or traditional to suit your style and bathroom theme.
How does a close coupled toilet work?
The toilet bowl and cistern are connected together allowing the water to evacuate from the cistern into the bowl using either a flush button or handle. Most models will have the option of either a 3 litre or 6 litre flush, which puts you in control of your home's water consumption.
How popular is a close coupled toilet?
A close coupled toilet is one of our bestselling styles. They are easy to install, low cost, durable and hard wearing, most come with a dual flush button, they're available in short projections which is ideal in a small bathroom or en-suite and they're immune from water damage.
Is a close coupled toilet old fashioned?
Only if you want it to be. We have a huge range of close coupled toilets to choose from with highly modern designs or classic traditional designs depending on the look you want to achieve.
One Piece vs. Two Piece Toilet: What's The Difference?
It's simple: A two piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl, while a one piece is all connected. But there are other differences, too. One piece toilets are typically heavier and easier to clean, and there's less space for bacteria to grow. Because two piece toilets feature a detachable tank, they're more customizable for preferred styles and heights.
Both styles can include bells and whistles like bidet attachments or low-flow energy saving. Also, either can be shaped in the standard styles: elongated, which is slightly longer, and round.
Because one piece toilets are heavier, they can be more expensive to ship if you order one online.
Pros and Cons
One piece toilets
More durable;
Easier to clean;
Higher end look.
More expensive;
Two piece toilets
Less expensive;
More options for look/height.
Less durable (more likely to break);
More complex installation;
Greater chance of a leak;
Lower end look.
What Exactly Do Smart Toilets Do?
Smart Toilets have revolutionized the bowel movement experience. Many people do not have the slightest idea what a smart toilet could offer other than the conventional experience. But the features and functionalities of the modern intelligent toilet might surprise you.

Smart toilets provide a completely touch-free and hygienic bathroom experience. They have automated systems that eliminate the need to ever open or close the lids. The toilet will water-rinse, clean and air dry you afterwards. It will also thorough-clean, sanitize and deodorize itself after use.
We have compiled a list of the most important and interesting functions smart toilets have to offer. If you want to find out more we invite you to keep on reading.
Smart toilets have sensors to detect your movement and will auto lift the lids once you approach them. The automatic lids will open upon anticipating your arrival with preheated seats ready for your descent. After having done your business you can walk away, and the lids will automatically shut.
Being a favorite feature in the industry, this alone might make it worth the money. This will at least avoid any future arguments with your significant other.
A pre-mist will wet the bowl when sitting down which prevents anything from sticking to it. It prevents any matter from adhering when the bowl is dry, and it helps to keep the bowl clean afterward for you to have less cleaning to do. It is 80% more effective than a dry bowl. It keeps everything clean without harsh chemicals.
During the winter months, freezing toilet seats are an unpleasant chill on the butt cheeks when sitting down.
Most smart toilet manufacturers have thought of this and have built-in automatic preheated seats. This feature eliminates the morning unpleasantness.
They also work together with the sensors that detect your movement. After having used the toilet for a few months the system will figure the most effective times to preheat the toilet seats.
Your device will certainly have an energy-saving mode like your smart TV which is only activated when in use. Most manufacturers also have built-in functions to fit your needs.