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Music Books - Learner - 05-23-2021

Music books:

#1. Music theory author DocShare.tips | Source: DocShare.tips

#2. Understanding Basic Music Theory author Catherin Schmidt | Source: OpenStax CNX

#3. Music Theory author Andy Schmitz | Source: Lardbucket.org

#4. Music Notation and Theory for Intelligent Beginner author Jono Kornfeld | Source: Jkornfeld.net

#5. Basic Music Theory author Corcoran High School | Source: Corcoran High School

#6. Basic Music Theory for Adult Beginner Level Piano Players author Lawrence Martin | Source: Lakeside Press

#7. Music Theory author Cadets Canada | Source: 121 Red Arrows Squadron Guelph, Ontario

#8. Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People author Tobyrush.com | Source: Tobyrush.com

#9. A Practical Guide to Musical Composition author Alan Belkin | Source: Alan Belkin Music

#10. How to Read Music author Leon Harrell | Source: Squarespace

#11. Music Theory Study Guide for Prospective Music Students author Dr. Richard Byrd | Source: Eastern Kentucky University

#12. Music Theory Fundamentals author John Ellinger | Source: Carleton College

#13. Music Theory Advanced Level author Jeff Berkeley | Source: Berkeley Teaching

#14. Practical Music Theory for Guitar Players author Dale Cotton | Source: Daystar Visions

#15. Keyboard Handbook author Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School | Source: Andersonstown
 Traditional & Contemporary Music School

Music books for Primary School:

#16. Music Arts Education Teacher Guidelines author The Stationery Office Government of Ireland | Source: CurriculumOnline.ie

#17. A Little Class Music: A practical guide for non-specialist primary teachers author Angela Jaap | Source: University of Glasgow

Music Therapy Books:

#18. Music Therapy: An Overview author PRO-ED Inc. | Source: PRO-ED Inc.

Music Books for children:

#19. Guitar lesson plans author Little kids rock | Source: Little kids rock

#20. Winning Woodwinds! Beginning Band Method Book Supplement for: Flute author Catrina Tangchittsumran-Stumpf | Source: Bandworld

#21. Simple Instructions and Songs for Bamboo Flute author Rod & Ginger Baird | Source: Squarespace

#22. Teaching Music Theory to Young Children author The Fun Music Company | Source: Funmusiccoimages

Classical Music books:

#23. History of Classical Music author St. Benedict’s High School | Source: St. Benedict’s High School

#24. Historical periods, musical styles, and principal genres in western music author Potsdam Estate University of New York | Source: SUNY Potsdam

#25. Music of the Classical Period 1750 – 1825 author Forest Hills High School | Source: Forest Hills High School