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Can Player Withdraw from JILIBET? - Nuebe9 - 01-25-2023

Millions of money of JILIBET were drained out. JILIBET's lying was exposed! Although they claim that the website is under maintenance, it may not be that simple. Evidence of the inability to withdraw money was at hand. It all depends on the website provider. According to insiders, this backend system is used by many online casinos in the Philippines and Vietnam. Victims can be found throughout Southeast Asia. The number of affected players has been estimated at more than 20 million people. Why do they love using this system? Because it is very convenient. As long as the platform connects the purchased URLs to the CMS system, the website can start operating immediately. There is no need to hire an expensive team of engineers to build a website and database. This is positive news for operators. Concentrate on marketing and promotion, attracting players to sign up and make deposits. This can help you earn a lot of income. Responsible platforms may additionally set up a backup system to protect player data. In case the system is unavailable, the deposit can at least be refunded to the player. However, not all platforms do this. Although the person who stole the funds has been located, he has not yet been arrested. It is said that he is hiding in Cambodia with impunity. According to his employees, the boss has illegally earned more than $20 million so far. The number of victims is difficult to estimate. JILIBET may also be one of them.