How to know the address and current location of a person

Recently I read too many questions related to how to know current location and the address of a person like that So here is a solution for all your queries. You can get current location in just three simple steps. How to know about current location of a person if you ever search like this then this article is you. You will be able to get current location of a person after read this article.

Follow the Steps:

First Step:

You need to know what is the IP address of the person you want to get current location. Now here a question arise that how will you get IP address so don’t worry about it i will help you.

So first go to IPLogger Website then you will see a box here now here past a link of any image (just browse a photo on google and copy link location). Then click on Shortener button after clicking on shortener you will be redirected to another page. Here you have multiple links in third link you can edit your link according to you just choose something (domain name and the extension like: .jpeg, png, txt, mp3, mp4, .link ) and more. After selecting all thing then your link is ready to use just copy the first link and send to that person you want to know the current location. First step is clear here.

Second Step:

Now in second step you need to send the link to your target(the person you want to see current location) by any social media(like: Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc). Here the second step is also clear now you need to wait for the person click on the given link. Don’t worry person never no that you trying to get his current location.

Third Step:

After clicking on the link you need to go the Logged IP Section here you will see the IP address of your victim/target. So now we have the IP address so now we need to go to logged IP section and in the top you will see the IP address country name, state name, MAP, Device and more information. So now click on the MAP option and you will redirect to map and now you will see the current location.

Hope this article helpful for you. Thank You

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