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Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and cloud storage platforms have been discussed a lot in recent years, such as Amazon Web Service and google cloud. Various newcomers are also added in this space, such as Linode, Vultr, and DigitalOcean.

We can digitally link everything to cloud computing. This offers an entirely new world of Works, Software, Services, and Network. Cloud Computing future can be seen as a combination of cloud-based-software products and will also support to design a hybrid IT solution.

The modified version of the cloud will be more scalable and flexible, which will offer the facility of more security and control over the data center. The essential part of cloud computing will be the formulated process, and the efficient way of processing the data.

The Future Prediction about Cloud Computing are:

1. Security: – Data on the cloud is secure but not entirely secure. The small companies which offer the facility of cloud services may or may not offer proper security to the data. So, in the future, we can secure it from cyber-attacks by offering better protection. The cloud providers offer an effective security measure opening balance ways to protect cyber-attacks.

2. Enhance storage capacity: – In today’s scenario, Data is generating very fast in a huge volume, and the task of storing the data is getting more difficult. Lots of companies need an area where they can securely store the data in an efficient manner. So, most of the business takes the support of cloud computing for storing the data, and it is predicted that the providers of the cloud will offer more data centers at a reasonable price.

3. Provide more priority to the modular software: – The individual program size, along with the complexity, is rapidly increasing. This means cloud technology needs advanced system enhancement. We can see Software development from various perspectives, and most of the future applications will be stored in locations other than the cloud.

4. Cloud computing along with IoT (Internet of things): – IoT is one of the growing technology in today’s scenario when it comes to existence with frequently Innovation in real-time Data Analysis and Cloud Computing. There are various machine-to-machine communications, processes, and data happening that we can simply do with the support of cloud computing.

5. Data shows how future change: – The Market of cloud computing is growing at 22.8 million, and after 2018 it will hit $ 127.5. In 2018, the cloud will be based on 62% of all CRM applications. In comparison, software as a service-based program accounts for 30% of all application spending.

6. Improved internet performance: – By using IoT (Internet of Things), the internet quality can be improved and with the support of the cloud computing and IoT, we can store data in the cloud, for further analyze and offer enhanced performance except for good quality fast-loading services and application. The network offered will be faster and can receive and deliver the data will be quick.

7. Enhancement in Cloud Service

Cloud computing consists of:

With the help of these services, we fulfill our goal. Many researchers who have proven that cloud computing will be one of the most growing technology in the future, like software as a service solution, will account for more than 60% of the work loaded. It is also predicted that the infrastructure as a service and platform as a service would grow moderately as it has been used in various organizations. Cloud computing is user-friendly, and it is easy to use.

8. Economic: – As cloud computing will grow continuously, the use of hardware will be reduced because most of the work will be done with the support of cloud computing and virtualization. We can also reduce the setup cost of software by partitioning it, and due to this, we decrease the use of hardware. If development continues, the data stored in the cloud will be analyzed with the help of a machine and no need for any human support.

9. Modular Software: – There are various types of companies that are using various types of software, which is yet to be modified. This means that cloud computing needs modified software, which will offer efficient facilities and security. This software is more user-friendly and easier to use. The benefit of this software is that it will save time and also cost.

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