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Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private clouds.
    Hybrid cloud = public cloud + private cloud
  • The main aim to combine these cloud (Public and Private) is to create a unified, automated, and well-managed computing environment.
  • In the Hybrid cloud, non-critical activities are performed by the public cloud and critical activities are performed by the private cloud.
  • Mainly, a hybrid cloud is used in finance, healthcare, and Universities.
  • The best hybrid cloud provider companies are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and NetApp.

hybrid cloud model

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

There are the following advantages of Hybrid Cloud –

1. Flexible and secure

It provides flexible resources because of the public cloud and secure resources because of the private cloud.

2. Cost effective

Hybrid cloud costs less than the private cloud. It helps organizations to save costs for both infrastructure and application support.

3. Cost effective

It offers the features of both the public as well as the private cloud. A hybrid cloud is capable of adapting to the demands that each company needs for space, memory, and system.

4. Security

Hybrid cloud is secure because critical activities are performed by the private cloud.

5. Risk Management

Hybrid cloud provides an excellent way for companies to manage the risk.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

1. Networking issues

In the Hybrid Cloud, networking becomes complex because of the private and the public cloud.

2. Infrastructure Compatibility

Infrastructure compatibility is the major issue in a hybrid cloud. With dual-levels of infrastructure, a private cloud controls the company, and a public cloud does not, so there is a possibility that they are running in separate stacks.

3. Reliability

The reliability of the services depends on cloud service providers.

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